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Hello, Susan,


I hope this finds you well. My name is Kato Buss and I am Chairperson of the UCO Department of Theatre Arts and the director of Trojan Women 2.0.


First and foremost, please let me thank you for sharing your work with Alyssa and the rest of our production team. It has already made an early impact on our creative process. I am particularly struck by “Catharsis” and how your artistic statement and portfolio resonate with our production.


Second, the purpose of our production is to adapt Euripides’ Greek tragedy into a piece of theatre addressing the current socio-cultural-political movement of women, in order to advocate and advance “empowerment through empathy.” And, if I may respectfully use some your words, our theatre production is also “informed by literature about women who survived trauma, both physical and emotional. It places focus on healing.”


Third, I invite you to participate in our production as an artist, adviser, and collaborator. I believe Allyssa has shared some of her ideas about using your “Catharsis” work as the fabric design for the leading character’s costumes. If you agree to this type of collaboration, I assure you we would apply your work respectfully and with compassion. We would also acknowledge and credit your work in the program, a lobby display, and the other advocacy events we are planning around the production in April.


Finally, I would like to invite you to the University of Central Oklahoma to see the production and participate in its associated events. The production dates are April 3-6, 2019.


Please know, I understand this is a lot of information and certainly deserves a telephone call to discuss properly, but I wanted to reach out to you via email to begin our conversation.


Please respond as your time allows.


Thank you,



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