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Susan Harmon CV



4060 N. Reed Ave., Apt.333

Maize, KS  67101





Ph.D. Degree Research, (1 year), Studio Art, Monash University,    Australia, (2009).


Master of Fine Arts Degree, Painting, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia, (December 2007).


21 Graduate hours of Art Education, M.A.E. Degree, at Texas Tech University (2015-2017).


Master of Art Education, (1 year), The School Visual Arts, Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania, (August1980-August 1981).


Master of Art Education, New York University Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, Venice, Italy, (Summer1980).


Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Painting, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, (May, 1980).


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island, (Summer 1978).


Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Graphic Arts, The University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, (May 1978).


University of Chicago High School, Chicago, Illinois, (May 1974).




2021-present             Butler College, Three sections of Face to Face, Art                                              Appreciation.


                                  Hutchinson College, Art Appreciation Online.


2020-present             Northern Marianas College, Ceramics, Art Appreciation,

                                  Drawing 1,painting1,online.


2019- present            Park University, Art Appreciation(Distance Learning).


2017-present             Educational Testing Service, ETS; Rater for AP Art       

                                  Salt Lake City campus, AP Reader for Art History.                            


                                 IB/International Baccalaureate; Examiner for Visual Arts                                     (online position).



2014-2019              Howard Payne University, Brownwood, TX. 2 sections of

                                Art 2311-12, Art for Elementary School Teachers.   

                                Ceramics 1, Contemporary Crafts,  Drawing 2.




2013-2020              Central Texas College, Fort Hood campus, Marble                                               Falls campus, and Lampasas campus: Drawing 1, Art                                           History 1, Design 1, Art Appreciation, Painting 1,                                               Watercolor 1, Ceramics 1.


                               Ranger College, Art Appreciation (Distance Learning).


2010 - 2014            Odessa College, Odessa, TX: Adjunct Professor of Art                                         Appreciation/Art History/Studio Art (Drawing 1 and                                             Design 1) /developed and taught accelerated art courses                                   (online).


                               Cisco College, Cisco, TX. Adjunct Professor of Art                                               (3 sections) (online).


2008 - 2020           Central Texas College, (Killeen, TX): Adjunct Professor of                                  Art Appreciation, (Distance Education).


2008-2013             Allied American University (Laguna Beach, CA): Adjunct                                      Professor of Art History, Film (Distance Education).


                              Colorado State University (GLOBAL): Adjunct Professor                                      of Art Appreciation/Art History (online)


2009-2011             The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (PA): Adjunct Professor of                                   Foundations; (online) Color Theory and Drawing1                                               (online).


1993–2005                 Bethel College: Art Consultant/Director of Children's Art                                    Programs and off-campus Art programs (Europe),                                                Adjunct Instructor for Beginning Drawing 1, 2-D Design                                      and Beginning Painting 1/Art Appreciation/Art for                                              Elementary School Teachers.


2003-2004                 Hannah’s House: Art Therapy for pregnant teens.


2001-2002                 Gary and Melinda’s Home for the Elderly: Art                                                      Therapeutic work with the elderly.


1993–1995                University of Indiana: South Bend, IN. Professor of Art for                                   summer children’s programs. Studio Art courses,                                               Drawing 1, Color Theory, and Design 1.






HMVC Gallery NYC, “Abstract is Abstract”, One art.    

Accepted, Juror, Henrik Miki.


Natural Diversity, Juried Exhibition at The Bath House Cultural Center,          

Dallas.226 entries, 43 artworks chosen by Juror, Monica Daucout.


Savannah-Hilton Head Airport juried competition, one art accepted.


Diversia 30th-international group juried exhibition UN calendar.

                                 One art accepted.


Friends University, Two people show.


City Arts, Wichita, KS Two-person Show.




White Mountain Art Museum, University of New Hampshire, Two art works accepted, juried competition.


Newman University, Two Person Show.


Mark Arts Abstract Juried Competition, Juror Dominic Chambers, Yale MFA, Won first prize award and stipend, and art published on invites.


Regier Art Gallery, Bethel College, Newton, Kansas.Solo Show.




Butler College, Wichita, KS, Solo Show


Hutchinson College, Hutchinson, KS, Solo Show


South Art Dealer, LINKED IN NYC women of the world, one art accepted, NYC, Miami. Juried Show.  


Laguna Art Center, Laguna Beach, CA, one art accepted.Juried Competition.


Grey Cube Gallery, Helenski, Finland, Colors Exhibition, Juried competition, one art accepted. Honorable Mention.


Art Room Gallery Online, International Abstract Exhibition.                  

One art accepted.





The University of Guam, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences                          41st Annual Research Conference, 3rd Art Juried Exhibition                         

March 6 - April 3rd, 2020, Isla Centre for the Arts,2 artworks.


University of Maine, Farmington campus, selected out                                        of 130 artists for the featured artist for Fall 2020-Fall2021 Art on         



Mississippi State University, Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery. One art was accepted out of 170 works submitted for consideration, and 37 final works were selected by guest juror John Sabraw.


Maryland Federation of Art, with 332 entries, you are one of 53 artists    

selected for MFA #WOMAN 2020 exhibition by show juror Dr. Doreen Bolger, Annapolis, MD.


The Artist’s Circle, COVID-19, and Social Distancing Juried Show.

(Online), two works accepted.


Dallas Metro Arts, one art accepted out of 473 artists for juried                      

Competition,50 artworks were selected for the National 2D competition.


Foundry Art Centre, St Charles, MO. Comfort & Joy Exhibition, one art accepted by juror, Bryan Haynes, who selected between one hundred and thirty works submitted. Of those, your work is among the fifty-three pieces chosen to exhibit.


Yuma Art Center, Yuma, AZ, Three Person Show.


The Averitt Art Center, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA, Solo Show.




Mesquite Art Center, Dallas Texas, Three-Person Show.


Louisianna State University, Shreveport, LA., Three-Person Show.


Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery, No Walls Just Great Art, One art won Honorable Mention. (juried Competition)                       


The University of Rochester, Department of Psychiatry, Everybody Has
a story,3 artworks chosen.


University of Central Oklahoma, Theater Department,5 artworks
Chosen to be reproduced on the costumes for the play, Trojan Women.


Howard & McCreary Galleries, Carolyn Hancock - Saulsbury
Gallery. One artwork is chosen 2019 Art Competition - Austin, TX.




"Walk of Art" of the SWISS ART EXPO. Invitation to submit one art.  


CONTEMPORARY VENICE 2018, one art accepted. IT’S                                      LIQUID International. Misericordia Archives at THE                                            ROOM Contemporary Art Space.


Indiana Wesleyan University, Preservation of                                                    Memory, One art was chosen.                      


AVAA Fall Show at Austin Art Space Studio & Gallery,                                          my art was chosen for the invitation.


Sulfur Studios “Street Art in the Gallery”. Savannah,                                         11 artists were chosen. One piece is chosen.


 2018 Abstraction Round Rocks Arts, Two pieces accepted, Austin.


 Memories, Indiana Wesleyan University, one artwork accepted.


Art Exhibit at Bass Concert Hall, Austin, TX. One art was accepted.25 artworks were chosen out of 75. on display with 11 sculptures from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Boston Biennial5, one art is chosen, Travelling Exhibition Atlantic Works Gallery, New York, Boston, Havana, Cuba.


Our Words Will Be Heard, The Lyric Opera House of                                            Baltimore, MD. One art was chosen by Curator Sarah                                          McCann.


Environment Project, HMCHungarian Multicultural Center                                  Juried competition, DualGallery, Budapest.


Boston Biennial 5, one art is chosen, Boston and  Cuba. Mildred M. Cox Gallery at William Woods University, one art accepted.


                                Cologne: “Kulturbunker” - Cultural center Cologne-                                          Mühlheim,  AWARD: HONOR, March 3 – March 14,                                                2018,” Fascination of world art and color”.


                                Weißenthurm: Town Hall Weißenthurm – Foyer Hall, April                                  1 – April 30, 2018 “Fascination of world art and color”.


                                Kobrin-Gondorf on the river Mosel: Town Hall Foyer, May                                  3 – May 17, 2018.,3 artworks are accepted in this                                              traveling show.



                                Colorida Art Gallery, 9 artworks on exhibit, Lisbon,       



                                Montpelier Arts Center, Laurel, MD, In Care of The White                                    House,3works accepted.


                               ART SPEAKS! Lend Your Voice” juried exhibition will   

                               takes place at Arena One Gallery at Santa Monica Airport                                   February 21–March 10, 2018.  One piece accepted.


                               Lessandra Art Gallery. Sofia, Bulgaria, juried competition   

                               Catalogue, one art accepted.


                               Imagine, Round Rocks(Austin area) juried show at Texas   

                               State University. One art accepted.



2017:                       Limner Art Gallery, One art chosen, Hudson, NY.


                               The Peace Project at The Whole 9 Gallery, Culver city, CA.

                               One art chosen, travelling exhibition, 100 artists chosen.



                               Fort Worth Art Center, juried art competition, one art 



                               Museum of Biblical Arts, One artwork, Dallas. 


                               Austin Visual Arts Association, two artworks accepted,     

                               Austin Art Space Gallery, Austin.


                              Inspire Fine Art Center, San Antonio, 2 artworks accepted.



                              Colorida Art Galleries, Lisbon, Portugal, 5 artworks             

                              accepted for two weeks, Exhibition and catalog.


                              Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery, online juried competition     

                              two artworks accepted and marked as  “Noteworthy”     

                              ,juror: Howard Levy and Caryl Morgan.



                              Linus Galleries, Los Angeles, CA, one art accepted.


                              Cica Museum of Art, one artwork chosen for catalog and     


                              Gimp si,Gyeonggi-do,Korea.


                              Xavier University Art Galleries, Cincinnati, Ohio. one art




                             CAGO’s ‘All Women’ Art Competition, one art selected.


                             Faculty Exhibition at Central Texas College, one art chosen,

                             Killeen, Texas.     


                             Contemporary 2017: Retellings, presented by the Western

                             Colorado Center for the Arts.  A total of 86 artists’     

                             submitted 212 entries and only 44 works of art by 32     

                             artists were chosen. Of your works, the following  

                             have been selected:

                             After he put his hands on my face and felt my tears


                            30th Annual McNeese National Works on Paper Exhibition,

                            Gia Hamilton performed the difficult task of carefully        

                            evaluating over 700 entries submitted by more than 275

                            artists. Ms. Hamilton narrowed the field  

                            down to 77 artworks for showcase in the Grand Gallery. One                              selected.


                            William Woods University, Equality Matters Show, Fulton,

                            Missouri, one art was chosen.


                            In Care Of the White House        

                            by .Steven H Silberg,

                            Juror, three artworks were chosen and sent to The White house.





                           Foundry Art Center, Soapbox Juried competition, Michael

                           Fischerkeller, Juror chose one of my pieces out of 160 pieces

                           only 50 were chosen in total.  


                           Sacramento Art Center, BOLD EXPRESSIONS, Stefan Bauman

                           juror, one art accepted out of 350 entries. Northern

                           California Arts. 


                          Austin Art Center, AVVA Austin Gallery, One Art Selected.  

                          Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Illinois. Two pieces were accepted i

                          into the competition, Wai Kit Lam, the 19th International Open

                          juror, was born in Hong Kong.


                         Bradley University Art Galleries in conjunction with Women

                         and Gender Studies, Juried competition titled, I Witness:

                         Activist Art and Social  Politics, Hauser Art Center, one art

                         accepted, juror, Chicago conceptualist artist, Krista

                         Wortendyke.1 piece accepted out of 450 submissions.


                         Fort Worth Arts Center, Juried competition, 3 artworks

                         accepted, Fort Worth, TX.


                         St. Louis Art Guild, Words and Text and Numbers Juried

                         competition, one work accepted by a juror. St Louis, MO.


                         Woman’s Organization of El Paso, Centennial Art Juried Show, 

                         one artwork accepted by juror Leslie Allen, Sausalito, CA.



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