Susan Harmon

My art accepted into a juried competition at The Lyric Opera House,Baltimore,MD....OUR WORDS WILL BE HEARD

Sarah Mcann,jurror words....I am delighted to share with all of you the logistics for "Our Words Will Be Heard" and am looking forward to seeing those of you in Baltimore for the opening. Here is everything you should need, if I have missed anything, please let me know.

Susan Harmon The person who was curating a show I applied for (from Princeton), asked for details about my work.... For the first time I began like this.. My oldest son died of opiate abuse,.this work reflects his story and others who have suffered trauma. It was hard to say it out loud ...She wrote back to say she wanted to include this very large art in the lyric opera house exhibit in Baltimore, with my words....I accepted..This post is written through tears.


she felt daughterless,15'x7',sand,rope,oil and acrylic paint on canvas


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