Susan Harmon

Module 2, Analysis, Section C



C.  Theories: Present your reaction/reflection to Simonson's emerging theory of distance education and equivalence of learning experiences. Some questions to get you started but NOT to limit you:



His emerging theory of distance education and equivalence of learning is that he is certainly correct that first of all we do “cringe” when hearing that word “theory”, but, yes it is extremely important to learn and analyze theories in relation to distance education, especially if one wants to excel at teaching online and face to face courses. He is also correct that to progress, improve distance education’s tools, content, and ways of teaching, in other words to help distance education develop continually and grow,we need to better define  its identity and stability in terms of financing and  continued student support. We need to be able to have standards and conditions and structure to distance education so to practically apply the technology. If there is a good stable theory then it will help   us as instructors online to make better informed decisions in these areas that are uncertain. This certainly applies to all levels of instruction. The three groups of distance education outlined by Keegan as Independence and autonomy, industrialization of teaching, interaction and teaching. The independence of the student seems important so that the student can use technologies anywhere and of course now all students can simply use their cell phones to access their courses and do the work on their cell phones making it very convenient and user friendly helps. The instructor can then place more time on other educational matters as the student is more independent with advancing technologies. Most important is that we use this technology ,media to unite the instructor and the student and now with new technologies  that are interactive and students can be at the same time but can take place at different locations. Improvements needed to be made would be simpler definitions of theory and more practical application.




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